William Sauntry Recreation Hall, 625 5th Street North, Stillwater, Minnesota

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William Sauntry Recreation Hall

William Sauntry House Exterior
William Sauntry House Interior
Address: 625 5th Street N
Winona, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Year built: 1902
Historic Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Current Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
First Owner: William Sauntry


The recreation hall was built in Stillwater by prominent lumberman, William Sauntry in 1902, tucked behind his large Queen Anne style mansion. At the time it was built, the hall housed a swimming pool, bowling alley, and an elaborate ballroom.

The building's exterior references Moorish revival style, with a horseshoe windows and door tracery and mosaic tile ornaments. However, the elaborate interior brings to life the spirit of the Alhambra palace. It has been speculated that Sauntry, an avid traveler, may have visited Granada, Spain to see the palace, and that he hired craftspeople to create molds of the palace so that it could be replicated in Minnesota. Although the recreation hall had originally been converted into a triplex, the current owners have restored the mansion to its 1902 appearance.


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