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Geographic coordinate is a built-in type for attributes that denote geographic locations.

You enter latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees, or in degrees, minutes and seconds.

The acceptable symbols for minutes and seconds are:

  • The prime ′ and double prime ″ symbols (or their character entity references ′ and ″, or their decimal character references ′ and ″
  • apostrophe ' and double-quote " on most computer keyboards
  • 1 acute accent symbol ´ and 2 acute accent symbols ´´ (or its character entity reference ´, or its decimal character reference &#180).

You can optionally follow the latitude and longitude coordinates with the degree symbol ° (or its character entity reference ° or its decimal character reference °). You can use the points of the compass or negative values to indicate southern latitudes and western longitudes.

You can use a comma, semicolon, or forward slash to separate latitude and longitude. You can separate them with a space if you provide some other symbol to separate them.

The net of these rules is that most coordinate formats, including GeoURL format and geotag format will be recognized. If not, you can use a semantic template.

As there are many symbols that look similar, it may be easier to copy and paste and then modify a working geographic coordinate value. Some examples:

[[Test geographic coordinate:: 32°42′54″ N, 117°9′45″ W]]
[[Test geographic coordinate:: 32.715° N, 117.163° W]]
[[Test geographic coordinate:: -32.715° -77.03201°]]

This type is among the standard datatypes of this wiki.

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