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Type:Area takes numerical values for denoting surface areas.

It supports the following units of measurement:

  • 1 m², m2, sqm, square meter, square meters, square metre, square metres
  • 0.000001 km², km2, sqkm, square kilometer, square kilometers, square kilometre, square kilometres
  • 0.0001 ha, hectare, hectares
  • 3.86102158542e-7 miles², sqml, sqmi, ml², mi², mi2, square miles

The main unit is m², i.e. values without a unit are interpreted in this way.

Feel free to add your own units and alternative representations. Note uses might also enter "squared" using <sup>2</sup> or a Unicode character, so you must enter separate "units" for each variation you wish to support.

Properties of type "Area"

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