Thomas Hanson House, 3120 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Thomas Hanson House

3120 Park Avenue - 2008
Address: 3120 Park Avenue
Neighborhood/s: Central, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1902
Primary Style: Colonial Revival
Historic Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Current Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Architect or source of design: John Enquist
Builder: John Enquist
Material of Roof: Asphalt Shingles
Material of Foundation: Limestone
First Owner: Thomas and Marie Hanson
Part of the Site: Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Central Minneapolis Hennepin County


According to Minneapolis building permits, Contractor John Enquist completed construction on this classic Colonial Revival home in March of 1902 for owners Thomas and Marie Hanson at a total cost of $4,850.


John Enquist was President of the American Realty & Building Company and had extensive real estate interests in Minneapolis, including more than 30 buildings and residences and several business blocks. His successful building contracting firm employed a workforce of 18-20 workmen, with John handling all of the architectural work for the company.


According to Minneapolis City Directories, Thomas Hanson was the President of the Thomas Hanson Company, a grain company located in Minneapolis at the time of the city's booming milling industry.

Thomas and Marie Hanson lived at 3120 Park Avenue with their two daughters, Dorothy and Agnus, until 1918.


This stately home is designed in the classic Colonial Revival style, featuring an almost entirely symmetrical facade with centered front door; open porch with classic tapered and fluted columns of the Doric order; and original wrought iron balustrade.


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