T. J. Jones Memorial Library, 915 East 14th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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T. J. Jones Memorial Library

T.J. Jones Memorial Library
Address: 915 14th Street E
Neighborhood/s: Elliot Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1914
Primary Style: Greek Revival
Secondary Style: Colonial Revival
Historic Function: Institutional housing
Current Function: Library
First Owner: Harriet Arnold Tourtellote

Elliot Park Minneapolis Hennepin County

T. J. Jones Memorial Library, 915 East 14th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(44.968836° N, 93.260818° WLatitude: 44°58′7.81″N
Longitude: 93°15′38.945″W

The building was built in 1914 as a home for the deaconesses that worked at Asbury Hospital. It was built by Mrs. Harriet Arnold Tourtellotte in honor of her deceased husband, Dr. Jacob F. Tourtellotte. The couple had been planning to build the home before his death. However, he did not live to see the beginning of the construction. Mrs. Tourtellotte informed the leader of the local Deaconess order about the proposed building two weeks after his death.

The building was dedicated on October 4, 1915, and was named the “Tourtellotte Memorial Deaconess Home”. The residence was used by deaconesses from 1915 until 1946. It was subsequently used as a home for both student and graduate nurses and other hospital personnel as the deaconess work diminished. In 1961, the residence was opened as a home for retired nurses and other related hospital social workers. The building was purchased by North Central Bible College in December 1968, and was used as a guest home for visiting pastors and other speakers at the college. In 1970, the T. J. Jones Memorial Library occupied the main floor and the lower level. The top two floors retained their original purpose as dormitory rooms for our young ladies. Over the years, the growth of the library has taken over the second floor as well. We still have young ladies residing on the third floor. As a memorial to her husband, Mrs. Tourtellotte decided to have the first floor quite elaborately finished. It had a parlor and a library and reception hall and the passages to the east and west sun-parlors are finished in solid mahogany. The building was probably the finest of any structure of its character in the Northwest, and the park was already in existence at its completion.

It is estimated that the building cost $150,000.00 to complete.[1]


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