Suuqa Karmel, 2944 Pillsbury Ave S , Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Suuqa Karmel

Address: 2944 Pillsbury Avenue S
Neighborhood/s: Whittier, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Business
Current Function: Business

Whittier Minneapolis Hennepin County

Suuqa Karmel, 2944 Pillsbury Ave S , Minneapolis, Minnesota
(44.949414,-93.281349warning.png"44.949414.-93.281349" is not a number. )

With over 22,000 Somalis in Minnesota, it is not surprising that the continent’s first Somali mall, a stone’s throw from Lake Street, bustles with activity as people browse clothing stores and perfume shops, pick up dry cleaning, sip tea, and use the Internet cafe. Karmel Square is a microcosm of Somalia’s rich cultural traditions- Somali snacks can be purchased, as well as prayer rugs- but most importantly, the mall has become a meeting place for the transplanted Somali community. Basim Sabri, owns the building that houses Suuqa Karmel, began the mall to incubate small Somali retail business as a way to bring success to a community where over 80% of the population is found in the poorest areas of Minneapolis.

Basim Sabri opened another mall at Cedar and Riverside, and his brother has started another at Elliot and 24th in hopes that they will be as successful and positive as Suuqa Karmel.


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