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Address: 725 Seventh Street E
Neighborhood/s: Dayton's Bluff, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Current Function: Swede Hollow Cafe

Dayton's Bluff Saint Paul Ramsey County


Memories and stories

In the early 1990s, this historic building was a prime example of urban decay, a problem area for both police and local neighbors. The land around the building was heavily paved, littered with trash and blighted by billboards. Despite these problems, the Upper Swede Hollow Neighborhoods Association saw its potential. Years of grassroots efforts and fundraising from private foundations led to the restoration of the building’s unique architectural features. The building is now home to nonprofit organizations, affordable rental housing and a busy café with a beautiful outdoor patio and fountain. In conjunction with the building’s restoration, the Upper Swede Hollow Neighborhoods Association, along with the Lower Phalen Creek Project and Community Design Center, worked with the city to change the street and sidewalk system and send rain and snowmelt into a new garden area instead of the storm sewer. The garden, known as the Maria-Bates Rain Garden, is now considered a national model and has been featured in magazines and conferences across the country. As you walk through the garden, you will notice two large depressions in the ground. These areas, called swales, create a natural pool for rain and snow melt. The swale closest to the building was set up to capture all of the stormwater from the building’s roof. The stormwater that flows down the street and sidewalk here goes to the larger swale near the corner. In the fall and spring you can see the pipe that drains into the garden, which includes plants with deep roots that filter the water — and beautiful flowers that provide resting habitat for birds and butterflies. The Lower Phalen Creek Project has also worked with the Community Design Center to create rain gardens on Preble Street and the grounds of Dayton’s Bluff Elementary School.

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