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King's Fair, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1877-1882) +King's Fair  +


Lac qui Parle Mission Historic Site, northwest of Montevideo, Chippewa County Highway 13, Minnesota +Lac qui Parle Mission Historic Site  +
Lake Bemidji State Park CCC/NYA/Rustic Style Historic Resources,Northern Township, Minnesota +Lake Bemidji State Park CCC/NYA/Rustic Style Historic Resources  +
Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Lake Calhoun  +
Lake Onamia, Minnesota +Lake Onamia  +
Lake Phalen +Lake Phalen  +
Layman's Cemetery, 2945 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis Minnesota +Layman's Cemetery  +
Lexington Baseball Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota (1897 - 1956) +Lexington Park  +
Longfellow Field, Minnehaha Avenue and East 28th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1911-1917) +Longfellow Field  +
Longfellow Park, 36th Avenue South and East 34th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Longfellow Park  +
Lower Sioux Agency Historic Site, 32469 Redwood County Highway 2, Morton, Minnesota +Lower Sioux Agency Historic Site  +
Lower Spunk Lane - Hengel Property, Avon, MN +Spirit of Lower Spunk  +


Maple Hill Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1857-1890) +Maple Hill Cemetery  +
Marine Mill Historic Site, Judd Street, Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota +Marine Mill Historic Site  +
Matthews Park, 2318 29th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Matthews Park  +
Mille Lacs Indian Museum, 43411 Oodena Drive, Onamia, Minnesota +Mille Lacs Indian Museum  +
Milwaukee Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Milwaukee Avenue  +
Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Minnehaha Falls  +
Minnesota Home School for Girls, Sauk Centre, Minnesota +Minnesota Home School for Girls  +
Minnesota Homesteads +Minnesota Homesteads  +
Minnesota Linseed Oil Company, 1101 South Third Street, Minneapolis Minnesota +Minnesota Linseed Oil Company  +
Minnesota School for the Deaf, 615 Olof Hanson Drive, Faribault, Minnesota +Minnesota School for the Dear  +
Minnesota Soldiers Home, 5101 Minnehaha Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Minnesota Soldiers Home  +
Minnesota State Academy for the Blind, 400 Southeast Sixth Avenue, Faribault, Minnesota +Minnesota State Academy for the Blind  +
Minnesota State Fair Grounds +Minnesota State Fair Grounds  +
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