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Agricultural fields,Airport,Athletic fields,Basin,Battle site,Bay,Beach/seashore,Camp,Campus (educational),Cave,Cemetery/burial grounds,Ceremonial site,City/town/village,Commercial district,Conservation area/refuge,Corporate campus,Crossing,Fairgrounds,Falls,Farmstead,Forest/woods,Fortification,Harbor/landing/levee,Hill/bluff/butte,Historic district,Historic site,Housing development,Industrial site,Island,Lake/pond/reservoir,Military base/site,Mine/iron range,Neighborhood/community,Oilfield,Park,Parking lot,Plain/prairie/grasslands,Race track,Rail yards/rail-related,Range of mountains/hills,Reservation,Resort complex,Road/street/highway,Stream/river/creek,Trail/path,Valley,Wetland/slough

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Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Site 2007 +Historic site  +
Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Site 2008 +Historic site  +
Elm Park, Worcester, Massachusetts +Park  +
Enger Park, West Skyline Parkway, Duluth, Minnesota +Park  +


Flandrau State Park CCC/WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources,Cottonwood Township, Minnesota +Park  +
Florence Court, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Housing development  +
Fort Ridgely Historic Site, Fort Ridgely State Park, Minnesota +Historic site  +
Frank Boyd Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota +Park  +


Geneva Beach Resort, 105 Linden Avenue, Alexandria Minnesota +Resort complex  +
Glen Elk Village +City/town/village  +
Gooseberry Falls State Park, Lake County, Minnesota +Conservation area/refuge  +
Gooseberry River, Gooseberry Falls State Park, Lake County, Minnesota +Stream/river/creek  +
Gunflint Trail, Cook County, Minnesota +Road/street/highway  +


Harbor, Grand Marais, Minnesota +Harbor/landing/levee  +
Harriet Island, Saint Paul, Minnesota +Park  +
Hennepin Theatre District, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Commercial district  +
Hidden Hollow Natural Area, Salt Lake City, Utah +Park  +
Historic Forestville, 21899 County 118 Road, Preston, Minnesota +Historic site  +
Historic Fort Snelling, Fort Snelling Military Reservation, Minnesota +Historic site  +
Historic Iron Range Water Towers +Industrial site  +
Hungry Jack Lake, Cook County, Minnesota +Lake/pond/reservoir  +


Jay Cooke State Park CCC/WPA/Rustic Style Historic District, Thompson Township, Minnesota +Historic district  +
Jonathan, MN +Neighborhood/community  +


Keller Row, Saint Paul, Minnesota +Neighborhood/community  +
King's Fair, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1877-1882) +Park  +
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