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The Sugar House Project’s goal is to collect and disseminate the unique history of Sugar House, a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. Westminster College’s Center for Civic Engagement and Phi Eta, Westminster’s chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honor Society, began the project with the help of Lynne Olson and the Westminster/Sugar House Community Committee. As the project progressed, oral histories and photographs were collected with the aid of Sugar House residents, both past and present, Brolly Arts, the KOPE Kids of Hawthorne Elementary and their teacher Sheri Sohm (who also provided the artwork for our Sugar House badge). We would like to thank everyone who shared a story or a photograph, and invite others to share as well.


Sugar House, one of the many suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah, has a dynamic and colorful past. Named after a sugar mill that never produced any sugar, the suburb of Sugar House was home to the Old Utah State Prison from 1854 until 1951, when it was demolished to make way for the new Sugar House Park and Highland High School.

Sugar House Ward, settled shortly after the Mormon pioneers reached the valley of the Great Salt Lake in 1847, has always had ambiguous borders. However, the business district that grew up around Parley’s Creek and the intersection of 2100 south and 1100 east, remains to this day the vibrant heart of the area.

Railroad tracks from the silver mines, tales of escaped prisoners, hidden natural areas, and the ever-changing face of commerce all combine to make Sugar House the unique place that it is today.

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I was born in Sugar House, Sept. 26, 1928. My dad worked for Granite Furniture for 25 years. There were many places to go to for ice cream (Snelgroves), movies (Marlo Theater), popcorn (Nu-Crisp). Forest School—Irving Jr. High and then on to South High School. I met my husband in 5th grade at Forest School and we had many wonderful friends in the Sugar House area. It is such a special place. We are still in Sugar House.
~ Lorna


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The Sugar House Monument

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