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Historical Map of the North Side offers viewers both a visual and textual way in which to explore some of the important architectural sites within the North Side neighborhood. By working in partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society's Placeography website and the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest to complete this project, Historical Map of the North Side highlights different buildings and areas that have played an important role in the lives of those who lived in the North Side neighborhood throughout the twentieth century.

The exhibit encourages viewers to understand that the North Side neighborhood has always been an area of close community ties. It also explores the changing demographics of the neighborhood. No matter what era, the community sites foster ties between members of the dominant group. At the beginning of the 20th century, this happened to be the Jewish population. Later in the 20th Century, especially after the 1960s, this happened to be the African American Population. This exhibit also demonstrates that the buildings and institutions in the North Side were and still are the manner in which these communities became and remained united. The changes in these buildings reflect the change in demographics and the entrance of a different minority group.

This project is not only pertinent to Minneapolis and its North Side neighborhood. It can also be used as an example of how many communities within a large urban area use buildings and organizations within the neighborhood to create closer community ties. The North Side, like many communities within a larger urban area, houses minority groups that live together and thus form a majority within their specific neighborhood.

The exhibit is designed to appeal to all people. It is intended to be easily understood by all and will peak the interests of all types of people including: families that are or were from the area, people interested in urban history especially that of Minneapolis, schoolchildren, historians, and anyone interested in learning about community.

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