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Welcome to the Richfield Historical Society's Placeography pages.

What you can do here?
  • Add information or memories on your home, former home, or any property
  • Search for information on your home or another property
  • Organize properties into tours or similar house styles (the McGowan House Project)

Selected Places

Photo taken 2007
Photo taken 2007
Not much is known about this home only that from the looks of it the house is one of the earliest in Richfield (1880s?) and unfortunately due to it being located up against interstate 494 it is not long for this world, in fact it is amazing it has lasted this long. More...


The McGowan House Project
"Little Boxes! Littles Boxes! and they're all build with ticky-tac and they're all built the same..."

Or so the song goes. The McGowan House Project starts with one house, 7627 Harriet Avenue, a Cape Cod with a unique triple gable and attempts to document the other houses in Richfield that have that same design and just how different they're designs and histories have become.


Richfield driving tour coming soon!

Organization Info

Richfield Historical Society
Mailing Address: PO Box 23304
Building address: 6901 Lyndale Avenue South
Richfield, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Zip: 55423
Country: United States
Web site: http://www.richfieldhistory.org
E-mail: staff@richfieldhistory.org
Phone: 612-798-6140
Contact: Sarah Tapper , Director


Farm house on 18 Avenue - Unknown history
Farm house on 18 Avenue - Unknown history
Farm Houses of Richfield
Once, a very long time ago, the happy little suburb of Richfield, Minnesota was once the pastoral farming community of Richfield. Most of Richfield's agricultural landmarks have disappeared. This is an attempt to document (and hopefully preserve) the last remaining houses built in Richfield's heyday as an farming community.

Things you can do

No shortage of things to do! Nothing specific just alot of everything
  • Start by adding houses
  • Help with research
  • Improve stub articles
  • Review articles fer grammorre and spilling
  • Help with the back end creating templates and such...

Places listed


Historic Properties

List of properties within the city of Richfield on the National Register of Historic Places:
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