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200px|} Metropolitan Building,308 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Built in 1890, demolished in 1961, The Northwestern Guaranty Life Insurance building,later known as The Metropolitan. The materials used were red granite from Superior, Minnesota and green New Hampshire limestone. At twelve stories, it was the tallest building in Minneapolis. The buiding was designed for elegance and opulance with an open central "light court" with opaque glass floors and railings and elevators with ornate wrought iron. The building remained standing at the edge of the downtown Gateway District until December 1961 when it was demolished after a campaign to save it was lost at the Minnesota State Supreme Court. Architectural historian, Larry Millett, wrote about the destruction of The Metropolitan Building in his 1992 book, Lost Twin Cities. In November 2018 his book devoted ot the building, Metropolitan Dreams, was published by the University of Minnesota Press.

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