Patrick's Cabaret, 3010 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Patrick's Cabaret

Address: 3010 Minnehaha Avenue
Neighborhood/s: Longfellow, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Current Function: Theater/concert hall
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick
Material of Roof: Asphalt

Longfellow Minneapolis Hennepin

Patrick's Cabaret, 3010 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(44.948052,-93.233998warning.png"44.948052.-93.233998" is not a number. )

Patrick's Cabaret is a safe space for all performing artists including gay, bisexual, lesbian and transsexual (GBLT) and artists of color. The diversity found at the Cabaret mirrors and celebrates the diversity of Lake Street.

In 1986, Patrick Scully began hosting the Cabaret in a rented room of St. Stephen's Catholic Church- the first of three locations. The Cabaret has moved to different venues in Minneapolis, eventually coming to rest at Minnehaha and Lake Street in a building that formerly housed Fire Station Number 21. In response to the importance Patrick's has in the Twin Cities' arts community, on April 14th, 2006 the City of Minneapolis proclaimed April 21st, 2006 "Patrick's Cabaret Day" in celebration of the Cabaret's 20th anniversary.


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