Panama Flats, 226 - 234 S. Exchange Street, Saint Paul,Minnesota

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Panama Flats

Address: 226 Exchange Street S
Neighborhood/s: Irvine Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Uppertown, Saint Paul, Minnesota, West 7th, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Primary Style: Queen Anne
Major Alterations: Some/mostly intact
Architect or source of design: Orff Brothers

Irvine Park, Uppertown, West 7th Saint Paul Ramsey

Panama Flats, 226 - 234 S. Exchange Street, Saint Paul,Minnesota
(44.942077° N, 93.102584° WLatitude: 44°56′31.477″N
Longitude: 93°6′9.302″W

For twenty years the Panama Flats were known as the Stoddart Block but the name was changed in 1907 in honor of the Panama Canal, which was in the news much of that year. The name Panama Flats was formally changed to Exchange Street Apartments in 1926 but the name Panama Flats has persisted to this day. In 1971 the building was sentenced to demolition in the planned widening of Chestnut Street. However, controversy over highway routes stayed the execution. The building was redeveloped in 1978-9. [1]


Memories and stories


There was a little grocery store on the first level, and next to this building was the national checking co. then down the street was a cafe with best choc. donuts. I remember that a lot of displaced persons from europe moved in there in the 50's. The building was very bad., drunks, bums lived there along with displaced persons. It had a huge outside furnace in the back and lots of rats.


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