Northfield Public Library, 210 Washington Street, Northfield, Minnesota

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== Related Links ==
== Related Links ==
[ Northfield Public Library website]
[ Northfield Public Library website]
[ History of Carnegie Libraries]
[ Architecture: Carnegie Libraries in Scotland and America]
[ Architecture: Carnegie Libraries in Scotland and America]

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Northfield Public Library

Address: 210 Washington Street
Neighborhood/s: Downtown Historic District, Northfield, Minnesota
Northfield, Minnesota
Rice County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1910
Primary Style: Georgian
Additions: 1985 - 8,000 sq. feet added
Historic Function: Library
Current Function: Library
Architect or source of design: 1910-Bell, Tyrie, and Chapman 1985-Steve Edwins of SMSQ
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick
Material of Roof: Asphalt Shingles
Material of Foundation: Concrete

Downtown Historic District Northfield Rice County

Northfield Public Library, 210 Washington Street, Northfield, Minnesota
(44.4583737° N, 93.1586037° WLatitude: 44°27′30.145″N
Longitude: 93°9′30.973″W

The library had modest beginnings in 1856 as a reading room and circulating library located in a schoolhouse at Third and Union Street. This library was set up by the Lyceum Society, who in the following year, moved it to the Lyceum's new building on East Fourth Street.

In 1878, the library's new sponsor, a Citizens' Reading Room Association, moved the library to the upstairs rooms of the Carleton YMCA, located in the Shatto Store on Mill Square. The library remained there until 1885, when it moved into its new quarters at the new city YMCA (current location of the Northfield Arts Guild), and remained there until 1910.

In 1910, with a generous donation of $10,000 from Andrew Carnegie, a new 3,800 sq. foot library was built at the present site on Washington Street. In 1981, the voters of Northfield approved a 1.3 million dollar bond to expand the size of the library. Due to delays, conflicts and legal challenges, the new 8,000 plus sq. foot addition finally opened in 1985.

The library today faces similar challenges as in the past. Space is limited. not only for materials, but for patrons as well. Several plans for a new library have been drawn, but until funding can be secured, ideas remain, just that, ideas.


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Northfield Public Library website

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