Minneapolis Jewish North Side Tour

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Minneapolis Jewish North Side Tour

Neighborhood/s: North, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States

North Minneapolis Hennepin


The Jewish Presence on the North Side

Beginning in the 1880's, the North Side of Minneapolis was home to a vibrant and vital Jewish community. Like most of the millions of immigrants who arrived in this country, they were seeking freedom and opportunity, and in this neighborhood, they found it. The pushcart peddler became a grocer, a junkman opened a scrap metal business, a tailor started a clothing store. Quickly, they established synagogues, social service agencies, and educational and cultural institutions to serve the needs of their community.

Links with more information: [ http://www.uroc.umn.edu/cornerstones/] [ http://www.jhsum.org/shop/] [ http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNKw2inaK1r5agMxfE6VW6rGVXOpEjZKm]

# Street
6th Avenue North and Lyndale Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota
6th Avenue North streetcar line, Minneapolis, Minnesota 6th Avenue N
7th Avenue and Lyndale Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
9th Avenue and 6th Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Brin Glass Company, Washington Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota Washington Avenue
Dupont Cash Market, Dupont Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 928928 Dupont Avenue S
Emanuel Cohen Center, 909 Elwood Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 909909 Elwood Avenue N
Feinberg's Kosher Sausage Company 811811 Lyndale Avenue N.
Gemelus Chesed, 1230 Logan Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 12301,230 Logan Avenue N
H. Sherman's Grocery, 800 Oak Lake Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 800800 Oak Lake Avenue
International Market Square, 275 Market Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 275275 Market Street
Jewish Sheltering Home, 1708 Oak Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 17081,708 Oak Park Avenue
Kenesseth Israel, 519 Fourth Street North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 519519 Forth Street N
Liberty Theatre, 6th and Lyndale Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lyndale Auto Parts, 1501 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 15011,501 Washington Avenue N
Mikro Kodesh Synagogue, 1000 Oliver Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1926-Present) 10001,000 Oliver Avenue N
North Community High School, 1500 James Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 15001,500 James Avenue N
Rose Zupperman's Grocery Store, Lyndale and 8th Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sam's Shoe Repair, Girard Avenue and Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sharei Zedeck 11191,119 Morgan Avenue N
Sharei Zedek, 726 Bryant Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 726726 Bryant Avenue N
Spear Investment Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sumner Branch Library, 611 Van White Memorial Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota 611611 Van White Memorial Boulevard
Sumner Field, 1101 Olson Memorial Highway, Minneapolis, Minnesota 11011,101 Olson Memorial Highway
Swatez Department Store, 6th Street and Girard Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Weinberg Department Store, Central Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota Central Avenue

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