Marine Mill Historic Site, Judd Street, Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota

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Marine Mill Historic Site

Address: Judd Street
Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota
Washington County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year Established: 1839
Year Ended: 1895
Founded by: jDavid Hone and Lewis Judd
Historic Function: Industrial site
Historic Function: Sawmill
Other Historic Function: Sawmill
Current Function: Historic site
Notes: First commercial sawmill in what is now Minnesota

Marine on Saint Croix Washington

National Register of Historic Places Information
Reference Number: 70000311
Reference URL: [Reference]
Certification date: 1970/01/27
Level of significance: State

Perched on the bluff of the St. Croix River, on a six-acre plot lie remnants of a booming industry long past. In the autumn of 1838 Illinois lumbermen David Hone and Lewis Judd arrived in the St. Croix River valley. Attracted by the area's abundant white pine, they selected this site to build a sawmill and named it after their hometown, Marine, Illinois. Less than one year later on Aug. 24, 1839, the Marine Lumber Company's sawmill cut its first pine log and became the first commercial sawmill in what was to become the State of Minnesota.

The sawmill, first run by waterpower and later by steam, operated under many names and owners and milled more than 197 million board feet of lumber by the time it closed in 1895. At that time its frame buildings were torn down and equipment sold to other sawmill companies. Today all that remains are portions of the stone foundations of the once huge sawmill. Interpretive signs, pathways, and an overlook above the ruins provide visitors with a glimpse of the history of this once active industrial site.


Memories and stories

Ten years before Minnesota became a territory, lumbermen from Illinois established a sawmill to harvest the abundant white pine of the Saint Croix River area. The buildings were razed in 1895.

History of Marine on Saint Croix by the Washington County Historical Society

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