Johnson School, 3100 38th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Razed)

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Johnson School

Address: 3100 38th Avenue S
Neighborhood/s: Longfellow, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States

Longfellow Minneapolis Hennepin

Johnson School, 3100 38th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Razed)
(44.9467947° N, 93.2177962° WLatitude: 44°56′48.461″N
Longitude: 93°13′4.066″W

Johnson Elementary School was built in 1910 and named in honor of John A. Johnson, the recently deceased Governor of Minnesota. The following year Cleveland Senior High School in St. Paul was likewise renamed Johnson High School. Johnson Elementary closed in 1942,[1] but the building survived another thirty years until the property was sold by the School Board and converted to residential use.[1]

"Soon after Johnson School opened in 1910, storefronts such as that of Seven Oaks Bakery popped up across the street, making the school and its environs the center of the 'Seven Oaks' district." Buildings, which once housed a bakery, grocery store and meat market, still stand at 3149 - 3151 38th Avenue South.[1]


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The neighborhood by the falls: a look back at life in Longfellow by Eric Hart, (Minneapolis: Longfellow Community Council, 2009)

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