Guthrie Crawford-Livingston Theatre, 30 10th Street East, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Guthrie Crawford-Livingston Theatre

Address: 30 10th Street E
Neighborhood/s: Downtown, St. Paul, Minnesota, St. Paul, St. Paul, Minnesota, Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota
St. Paul, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1964
Primary Style: Modern
Historic Function: Theater/concert hall
Current Function: College/university
Current Function: theater/concert hall
Other Current Function: theater/concert hall

Downtown, St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul Hennepin County

Guthrie Crawford-Livingston Theatre, 30 10th Street East, Saint Paul, Minnesota
(44.9488349° N, 93.1018962° WLatitude: 44°56′55.806″N
Longitude: 93°6′6.826″W

One of the Guthrie's smaller experimental theater spaces from 1968-1971.



In the late 1960s, Minneapolis’s Guthrie Theater became interested in producing plays outside of its main theater space, particularly smaller spaces that would allow a more intimate setting for the audience and actors.

On Dec. 29, 1967, the Guthrie opened the Guthrie Crawford-Livingston Theatre at the Minnesota Arts and Science Center at 30 10th Street East in St. Paul, creating a separate St. Paul repertory season in this 500-seat theater.

At the Crawford-Livingston Theatre, the Guthrie staged productions such as “She Stoops to Conquer” and “Enrico IV” in a few short seasons, but ceased use of the space in 1971.

The Minnesota Arts and Science Center is now the location of the McNally-Smith College of Music, and the Crawford-Livingston Theatre space has been home to the History Theatre since 1978.

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