Fort Ridgely Historic Site, Fort Ridgely State Park, Minnesota

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Fort Ridgely Historic Site

Nicollet County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year Established: 1853
Historic Function: Fortification
Historic Function: Battle site
Other Historic Function: Battle site
Current Function: Monument/Markerwarning.png"Monument/Marker" is not in the list of possible values (Agricultural fields, Airport, Athletic fields, Basin, Battle site, Bay, Beach/seashore, Camp, Campus (educational), Cave, Cemetery/burial grounds, Ceremonial site, City/town/village, Commercial district, Conservation area/refuge, Corporate campus, Crossing, Fairgrounds, Falls, Farmstead, Forest/woods, Fortification, Harbor/landing/levee, Hill/bluff/butte, Historic district, Historic site, Housing development, Industrial site, Island, Lake/pond/reservoir, Military base/site, Mine/iron range, Neighborhood/community, Oilfield, Park, Parking lot, Plain/prairie/grasslands, Race track, Rail yards/rail-related, Range of mountains/hills, Reservation, Resort complex, Road/street/highway, Stream/river/creek, Trail/path, Valley, Wetland/slough) for this property.


Fort Ridgely was constructed in 1853 as a frontier fort in an area of white settlement. During the Civil War it served as a center for training volunteer soldiers. In August 1862 it was the site of two battles in the Dakota Conflict.


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