Flatwoods Christian Church, 263 College Hill Road, Waco, Kentucky

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Richmond, Kentucky
Madison County, Kentucky
State/province: Kentucky
Country: United States

Richmond Madison County

Flatwoods congregation was organized in 1801 as a Baptist church. Elder David Chenault (1771-1831) served as its preacher for five years until he began preaching at Cane Springs Church (MA-57). (See MA-184) A log building was their first house of worship. The present brick structure was erected around 1830 by members of the Baptist and Christian congregations, and both groups continued to use the building until 1910.

The brick pattern of the primary facade is an unusual Flemish bond that contains two stretchers, rather than the usual single stretcher, between each header. There are two double-leaf doors on the gable end, and two exit doors originally existed on the rear gable end. The four-light transoms and trion hood molds locared over each entrance door provide a sense of formality. The same molds surmount the four windows on the side facades, creating a rhythmic contrast of white-painted hoods and red brickwork. A modern-day gabled portico and a steeple dominate the front of this rural church building.

Although many stones have decayed or been destroyed, a cemetery behind the church dates to the earliest years of Flatwoods Church.


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