Dakota County, Minnesota

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Buildings in Dakota County, Minnesota

# Street City/Locality
1031 Robert Street South, West Saint Paul, Minnesota 10311,031 Robert Street S West Saint Paul, Minnesota
Catholic Church of Saint Peter, 1405 Sibley Memorial Highway, Mendota, Minnesota 14051,405 Sibley Memorial Highway Mendota, Minnesota
Dakota County Courthouse (1869-1974), 101 East Fourth Street, Hastings, Minnesota 101101 Fourth Street E Hastings, Minnesota
Good Templars Hall, 9965 124th Street East, Nininger Township, Minnesota 99659,965 124th Street E Nininger Township, Minnesota
Henry Hastings Sibley House, Mendota, Minnesota 13571,357 Sibley Memorial Highway Mendota, Minnesota
Ignatius Eckert House, 724 Ashland Street, Hastings, Minnesota 724724 Ashland Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota
MacDonald-Todd House, 309 West 7th Street, Hastings, Minnesota 309309 7th Street W Hastings, Minnesota
Stockyard Exchange Building, 200 Concord Street North, South Saint Paul, Minnesota 200200 Concord Street N South Saint Paul, Minnesota
William G. Le Duc House, 1629 Vermillion Street, Hastings, Minnesota 16291,629 Vermillion Street Hastings, Minnesota

Structures in Dakota County, Minnesota

Sites in Dakota County, Minnesota

Hastings State Hospital, Hastings, Minnesota Hastings, Minnesota
Sibley House Historic Site, 1357 Sibley Memorial Highway, Mendota, Minnesota Mendota, Minnesota
Umore Park, Rosemount, Minnesota Rosemount, Minnesota
South Saint Paul Packinghouse District, South Saint Paul, Minnesota South Saint Paul, Minnesota

Tours in Dakota County, Minnesota

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