Cottagewood Store, 20280 Cottagewood Ave, Deephaven, Minnesota

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|Coordinates=44.925687° N, 93.538612° W
|Coordinates=44.925687° N, 93.538612° W
{{Textarea Building}}
{{Textarea Building}}

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The Cottagewood Store

Address: 20280 Cottagewood Avenue
Neighborhood/s: Cottagewood, Deephaven, Minnesota
Deephaven, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1895
Major Alterations: Some/mostly intact
Historic Function: Business
Historic Function: Grocery store, general store, apartment
Other Historic Function: Grocery store, general store, apartment
Current Function: Business
Current Function: Non-profit general store, apartment
Other Current Function: Non-profit general store, apartment
Material of Roof: Shingle
First Owner: Ralph M. Chapman

Cottagewood Deephaven Hennepin County

Cottagewood Store, 20280 Cottagewood Ave, Deephaven, Minnesota
(44.925687° N, 93.538612° WLatitude: 44°55′32.473″N
Longitude: 93°32′19.003″W



Memories and stories


All Hallows Eve at the Cottagewood Store and the surrounding Cottagewood neighborhood is crawling with children and families. At 6:15pm, one can’t drive more than 10 miles an hour for fear a young costumed child may come running through the bushes into the street. Almost all of the houses surrounding the store and Cottagewood Children’s Park have lights on, pumpkins on the front step and some even have music playing. The sign on the front door to the Cottagewood Store says closed, as it's the last day of the season, but the lights are on and the door is wide open. Candy is brimming from the glass display case close to the door.

Lines of kids file in with their parents to get a handful of candy. Squeals of excitement can be heard from down Cottagewood Avenue. A small costumed policeman is leaning up against the candy counter eyeing the chocolates and leaves the store with a jack-o-lantern basket that is just a little bit fuller. A small werewolf howls on its way out of the store. A young Wayne Gretzky fills his bag with goodies. To say the streets and sidewalks are packed with families is an understatement.

The store is a beacon of joy and excitement on this dreary and rainy night. Parents say hi to other children they know entering the store and comment on the fabulous costumes worn by all. Kids wonder in without parents and are welcomed with open arms and greeted by their first names. The store staff knows nearly every family filing in the door and asks how each family is doing. Hugs are shared between parents and kids. Two storm troopers, mom and son, wielding light sabers enter the store.

As I exit the store, a little skunk hops off her father’s shoulders and squeaks as she runs into the store. The drizzle hasn't stopped people from stopping in, but it has slowed some foot traffic. High school students work behind the counter with Laurie. Though the building does have a stop sign out front, there is some traffic that passes by. As a princess comes running down the sidewalk, cars slow down to make sure the two sumo wrestlers nearing the store don't get hit. Sidewalks line Cottagewood Avenue, but side roads go without. The number of kids entering the store must number in the hundreds tonight, leaving the store comparing the amount of candy they’ve received. Parents huddle in groups holding cups of hot cocoa on the sidewalk.

This experience is like being in a Halloween movie. Themed Halloween music can be heard across the park with the faint screams of young children. Haunting organ music emanates from up small hill at the north east edge of the park, no more than 500 feet from the store. The misting rain and whistling wind creates an atmosphere like those in Hollywood movies about Halloween. It's almost as if I was waiting for the Sanderson Sisters, from Disney’s Hocus Pocus, to come skulking down the street, broomsticks in hand.

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