Cedar Riverside, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Cedar Riverside, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Location of Site: South Minneapolis
Neighborhood/s within: Cedar Riverside, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Seven Corners, Minneapolis, Minnesota, West Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Little Somalia, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bohemian Flats, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Notes: Its boundaries form a triangle: the Mississippi River to the north and east, Interstate 94 to the south, and 35W to the west. It is named after its main intersection of Cedar and Riverside Avenues in the heart of the neighborhood.

Cedar Riverside, Seven Corners, West Bank, Little Somalia, Bohemian Flats Minneapolis Hennepin County

One of Minneapolis' oldest neighborhoods, originally dominated by Scandinavian immigrants, also known during that period as "Snus (Snoose) Boulevard." Other immigrant groups included Slovaks, Bohemians, and Germans. An area on the western bank of the Mississippi River north and south of the Washington Avenue Bridge was called "Bohemian Flats," and offered low-cost housing to area workers. "Bohemian Flats" flooded regularly and was eventually cleared by the city in the 1930s. The 1940s saw some deterioration, but the next few decades were vibrant and creative largely due to the student population as well as a continuing influx of new immigrants and refugees. During the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s first Beat and then Hippie culture was prominent, along with an active art and music scene, war protests, and the birth of the local worker-owned cooperative movement. Today's residents come predominately from Northeastern Africa, including Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, giving the neighborhood its new nickname of "Little Somalia" or "Little Mogadishu."

This rich cultural mix has left a living legacy: a visitor can see a play in the West Bank Theater District at Seven Corners, hear a wide range of music at various venues, enjoy Ethiopian and other African cuisine, shop for food at the local co-op, buy home-spun yarn and crafts from around the world, or take a class at Augsburg College (founded by Norwegian Lutherans). The University of Minnesota, including its West Bank Arts Quarter, is also right next door, and several important hospitals and medical facilities are located in Cedar Riverside.


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    Augsburg College Science Building, 701 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 701701 21st Avenue S
    Cedar Square West, 1600 6th Street South, Minneapolis 16001,600 6th Street S
    Dania Hall, 427 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1886-2000) 427427 Cedar Avenue S
    Nurses Home, Fairview Hospital, 2344 South 6th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 23442,344 6th Street S
    Saint Mary's Hospital, 2414 7th Street South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 24142,414 7th Street S

    Structures in Cedar Riverside, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Sites in Cedar Riverside, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Murphy Square, 801 22nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Tours in Cedar Riverside, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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