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{{Infobox Tour
{{Infobox Tour
|tour_name=Carnegie LibrariesTour
|tour_name=Carnegie LibrariesTour
|tour_image1=Sarah--Madison Public Library.jpg
|caption1=Madison Carnegie Library - Minnesota

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Carnegie LibrariesTour

Madison Carnegie Library - Minnesota

# Street
Aitkin Carnegie Library, 121 2nd Street NW, Aitkin, Minnesota 121121 2nd Street NW
Albert Lea Public Library, 146 College Street W, Albert Lea, Minnesota 146146 College Street W
Alexandria Public Library, 7th Avenue W and Fillmore Street, Alexandria, Minnesota
Anoka Carnegie Library, Jackson Street and Third Avenue, Anoka, Minnesota (Razed)
Arlington Hills Library, 105 Greenbrier Street, St Paul, Minnesota 105105 Greenbrier Street
Austin Carnegie Library, 201 2nd Avenue North West, Austin, Minnesota (Razed) 201201 2nd Avenue NW
Bemidji Public Library, 426 Bemidji Avenue, Bemidji, Minnesota 426426 Bemidji Avenue
Benson Public Library, 14th Street and Kansas Avenue, Benson, Minnesota (Razed)
Brainerd Public Library, 206 7th Street N, Brainerd, Minnesota 206206 7th Street N
Browns Valley Carnegie Public Library, Broadway Avenue and 2nd Street, Browns Valley, Minnesota
Bryant Public Library, 430 Main Street South, Sauk Centre, Minnesota 430430 Main Street S
Carnegie Libraries Tour
Carnegie-Lawther Free Library, 3rd Avenue and Broadway Street, Red Wing, Minnesota (Razed)
Chatfield Public Library, 314 Main Street South, Chatfield, Minnesota 314314 Main Street S
Coleraine Carnegie Library, 203 Cole Avenue, Coleraine, Minnesota 203203 Cole Avenue
Crookston Carnegie Public Library, Ash Street North and 2nd Avenue, Crookston, Minnesota
Dawson Carnegie Library, 677 Pine Street, Dawson, Minnesota 677677 Pine Street
Detroit Lakes Library, 1000 Washington Avenue, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota 10001,000 Washington Avenue
Duluth Lincoln Branch Library, 2227 2nd Street West, Duluth, Minnesota 22272,227 2nd Street W
Duluth Public Library, 101 2nd Street West, Duluth, Minnesota 101101 2nd Street W
Eveleth Public Library, 614 Pierce Street, Eveleth, Minnesota 614614 Pierce Street
Fairmont Public Library, 118 Park Street North, Fairmont, Minnesota (Razed) 118118 Park Street N
Fergus Falls Carnegie Library, 121 Union Street North, Fergus Falls, Minnesota 125125 Union Street N
Franklin Branch Library, 1314 Franklin Avenue East, Minneapolis, Minnesota 13141,314 Franklin Avenue E
Glenwood Public Library, 108 1st Avenue South East, Glenwood, Minnesota 108108 1st Avenue SE
Graceville Carnegie Library, Studdart Avenue and 5th Street West, Graceville, Minnesota (Razed)
Grand Rapids Public Library, 21 5th Street North East, Grand Rapids, Minnesota 2121 5th Street NE
Hibbing Public Library, 3rd Avenue South West, Hibbing, Minnesota (Razed)
Hutchinson Free Public Library, 50 Hassan Street South East, Hutchinson, Minnesota 5050 Hassan Street SE
Janesville Free Public Library, 102 2nd Street West, Janesville, Minnesota 102102 2nd Street W
Litchfield Carnegie Library, 201 Sibley Avenue South, Litchfield, Minnesota 201201 Sibley Avenue S
Little Falls Carnegie Library, 108 3rd Street NE, Little Falls, Minnesota 108108 3rd Street NE
Luverne Public Library, 205 Freeman Avenue North, Luverne, Minnesota 205205 Freeman Avenue N
Madison Carnegie Library, 401 6th Avenue, Madison, Minnesota 401401 6th Avenue
Mankato Public Library and Reading Room, 120 Broad Road South, Mankato, Minnesota 120120 Broad Road S
Mapleton Public Library, 104 1st Avenue North East, Mapleton, Minnesota 104104 1st Avenue NE
Marshall Carnegie Library, Lyons Street and 3rd Street, Marshall, Minnesota
Montevideo Carnegie Library, 125 3rd Street North, Montevideo, Minnesota 125125 3rd Street N
Moorhead Public Library, 102 6th Street South, Moorhead, Minnesota (Razed) 102102 6th Street S
Morris Carnegie Library, Nevada Avenue and 6th Street, Morris, Minnesota
Mountain Iron Public Library, 5742 Mountain Avenue, Mountain Iron, Minnesota 57425,742 Mountain Avenue
Northfield Public Library, 210 Washington Street, Northfield, Minnesota 210210 Washington Street
Ortonville Free Library, 412 2nd Street North West, Ortonville, Minnesota 412412 2nd Street NW
Park Rapids Carnegie Library, 101 2nd Street West, Park Rapids, Minnesota 101101 2nd Street W
Pipestone Public Library, 217 Hiawatha Avenue South, Pipestone, Minnesota 217217 Hiawatha Avenue S
Preston Public Library, 101 Saint Paul Street North West, Preston, Minnesota 101101 Saint Paul Street NW
Redwood Falls Public Library, 334 Jefferson Street South, Redwood Falls, Minnesota 334334 Jefferson Street S
Riverview Library, 1 East George Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 11 George Street E
Saint Anthony Park Library, 2245 Como Avenue West, Saint Paul, Minnesota 22452,245 Como Avenue W
Saint Cloud Public Library, 124 5th Avenue South, Saint Cloud, Minnesota (Razed) 124124 5th Avenue S
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