Caribou River, Cook County, Minnesota

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Caribou River

Location of Site: Eight miles south of Schroeder, on the border between Lake and Cook Counties.
Cook County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Stream/river/creek
Current Function: Stream/river/creek

Cook County

Caribou River, Cook County, Minnesota
(47.468833636228325° N, 91.02087020874023° WLatitude: 47°28′7.801″N
Longitude: 91°1′15.133″W
There is a hiking trail along the Caribou River to Caribou Falls. The river and falls are accessible from the wayside rest area eight miles south of Schroeder on Highway 61. Note that the wayside is somewhat difficult to spot, so it helps to keep an eye on your map and odometer. The river and falls can vary greatly depending on water flow.


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