Bulbanian House, 22 Skyline Drive Southwest, Rochester, Minnesota

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Bulbanian House

Address: 22 Skyline Drive SW
Rochester, Minnesota
Olmsted County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1950
Primary Style: Other
Historic Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Current Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Architect or source of design: Frank Lloyd Wright

Rochester Olmsted County

Dr. Arthur Bulbulian first brought Wright to the area in the late 1940s. A facial reconstruction specialist for Mayo Clinic at the time, Bulbulian conscripted work for his property on Skyline Drive to the most famous architect in the country. As Wright had done in numerous projects, he infused the home with an organic sensibility, using the surrounding landscape as a tool in its design.

Completed in 1947, the Bulbulian house (most of Wright’s works carry the name of their original owner) sits like a 120-degree angle, a one-story structure with the slanting roof and simple lines that made the architect famous. The Frank Lloyd Wright registry remarked in its collection of his works that the house is oriented to “take full advantage of the morning sun at the breakfast table and afternoon sun in the living room.”

It holds an Oriental feel. Shrubs at the front of the house spread out horizontally to give it an unostentatious appearance. The shrubs lead up to a long row of windows, the same long string present in a number of Wright’s Usonian works. Constructed out of cement brick and cypress wood, the Bulbulian set the precedent for Wright’s Med City work.

Of the three Wright houses in the area, only the Bulbulian has remained within the original family. As such, the condition of the home is most similar to its original design. Bisel says the house holds some peculiarities unique to a Wright work.

From Wikipedia.

Bulbanian House, 22 Skyline Drive Southwest, Rochester, Minnesota
(44.009955° N, 92.484936° WLatitude: 44°0′35.838″N
Longitude: 92°29′5.77″W


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