Big Ole, Central Park, Alexandria, Minnesota

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Big Ole

Front oblique view of sculpture in 2006.
Rear view of sculpture in 2006.
Location of Structure: Central Park, on the south shore of Lake Agnes near the intersection of Kenwood Drive and Darling Avenue.
Alexandria, Minnesota
Stearns County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1964-1965
Architect or source of design: Gordon Schumaker, sculptor
Moved from Location: North end of Broadway Street, Alexandria, Minnesota
Historic Function: Statue/Monument
Current Function of Structure: Statue/Monument

Alexandria Stearns County

Big Ole, Central Park, Alexandria, Minnesota
(45.892039329886° N, 95.370426177979° WLatitude: 45°53′31.342″N
Longitude: 95°22′13.534″W
28 foot tall fiberglass structure.



1964-1965 construction and transportation to New York World's Fair. 1965 return to Alexandria, Minnesota to reside at the north end of Broadway Street. 2002 sculpture is moved to a rest stop of the Central Lakes Trail in Central Park.

Memories and stories


This statue marked the gateway to my grandparents and is one of my earliest childhood memories. I knew that when we got to the Viking, that there was only a half hour left to travel to grandma and grandpa's and there would be a hot meal and cookies waiting.


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