American Hoist & Derrick Company, Saint Paul, Minnesota (1885-1985)

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American Hoist & Derrick Company

Neighborhood/s: West Side, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year Established: 1885
Year Ended: 1985
Founded by: American Manufacturing Company
Historic Function: Industrial site

West Side Saint Paul Ramsey

Begun as The American Manufacturing Company, the company changed its name to American Hoist and Derrick Company in 1892. American Hoist & Derrick began in 1885, and the company became international in 1905 with the construction of Yokohama Warehouse. American Hoist and Derrick equipment was used in major projects such as the construction of the Panama Canal and Mount Rushmore.

American Hoist & Derrick Company, Saint Paul, Minnesota (1885-1985)
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Site History

"The Hoist" as it was known in St. Paul Minnesota, became one of the worst examples of runaway union-busting companies during the 1980s. The Ownership attempted to use federal funds to move the entire operation to a non-union shop in Wilmington North Carolina. The Labor union fought back. Under the leadership of Congressman Bruce Vento, a former delegate to the Trades & Labor Assembly, the federal money was returned to help the hundreds of workers who lost their jobs after the company shut down in 1985.


World War II

During the war, while my uncle was serving in France, my aunt worked at American Hoist and Derrick. The 'Hoist' was in operation 24 hours a day at that time. They provided equipment for the Navy ships; and cranes, hoists and other equipment for use by the Army. The workers had 'E' pins that they wore. Maybe for 'efficiency' or 'effort'? We considered my aunt to be our own 'Rosie the Riveter'.


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