7408 18th Avenue, Richfield, Minnesota

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Richfield MN Farmhouse

Address: 7408 18th Avenue
Richfield, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: Ca: 1870
Primary Style: Federalist
Moved from Location: 494 and 24th Ave
Historic Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Historic Function: Farm
Other Historic Function: Farm
Current Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Builder: Christian family of Richfield (Christian Park)
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Stucco
Material of Roof: Asphalt Shingles
Notes: Margaret Putman owned this house from 19 seventies until 1984. Bought by Micheal Nordstrom in 1984 until mid 2000's.

Richfield Hennepin

7408 18th Avenue, Richfield, Minnesota
(44.868959° N, 93.249151° WLatitude: 44°52′8.252″N
Longitude: 93°14′56.944″W

Very little is known about this house other than it sits among several 19th century houses.

Schleter family lived in this house from ??? until 70-71 when Margaret Putman bought it from him. Legend has it that he had a goat -- yard maintenance.

My mom lived int this house from the seventies to mid eighties. 1984 was bought by my ex-husband. Our family 2 adults, 2 children lived there until 1990. Ex husband stayed until 200?

He and his wife Mary did extensive inside renovations.

I was told by a young man that my son's went to school with that it had been originally owned and lived in by the Christian family. Christian Park on Bloomington Avenue and 70 something is named after this family. He said that the house had originally stood on 494 and 24th Ave (where the Sheraton Hotel had been built -- now gone).

The Airport Commission came in in the early 90's and did a huge amount of work to insulate, add new windows, doors, central air, etc.

It was a wonderful house to raise children in -- big rooms, lots of space and the yard was also big.

Home was purchased by William Franks in 2003. Restoration to reflect the homes era began in 2005 and is still in progress. Many of the previous renovations have been removed and any original materials found have been restored.

It appears the back section of the house was rebuilt after the house was moved. The building materials in the walls are newer in that section; floor levels are slightly different on both first and second levels between front and back of the house. In the back section of the house, hardwood flooring discovered under layers of linoleum and plywood suggest 1950s; and the foundation is definitely 50's era - which is when it was reportedly moved to this location.


Memories and stories


Our family Putman/Nordstrom have some wonderful memories of this home as this is where we celebrated birthdays, Christmas, Confirmations, and Graduations for many years.

Kids and their friends played from young toddlers until their 20's in this yard.

It was a wonderful place to live and raise children.


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