William Wakefield house, 963 Wakefield Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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William Wakefield house

William Wakefield house
Address: 963 Wakefield Avenue E
Neighborhood/s: Dayton's Bluff, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1859/1860
Primary Style: Italianate
Additions: Kitchen and back additions
Historic Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Current Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Wood
Material of Roof: Asphalt Shingles
First Owner: William Wakefield

Dayton's Bluff Saint Paul Ramsey

William Wakefield house, 963 Wakefield Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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When William Wakefield built his home, called "What Cheer Lawn," in 1859/1860, he created a suburban estate in McLean Township of Ramsey County on a territorial road which ran to Hudson, Wisconsin. Later the city of St. Paul expanded to include the area of Dayton's Bluff where Wakefield's home was built and eventually a city street was laid in front of his property. First called Birch Street, the street name was changed in 1892 to Wakefield Avenue in honor of William Wakefield. When you look at the house today it sits at an angle to the street and is set way back on the lot in the middle of the block. The alleys on both ends of the block dead end at the property's edge.


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When our family moved into this house in 1980 it had lots of old wallpaper, including some large lilac wallpaper in the central bedroom upstairs. Many of the rooms and hallways were painted institutional green. The house had not been updated in many years. We did lots of wallpaper removal, patching, and painting and put on a new roof. Subsequent owners have done substantial work to open up the porch, remove the asbestos siding, and add a garage.


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