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Name Joe Hoover
Web site or Blog:
Occupation: Web Designer, Web Developer
Interest/s: History, Local history, Gardening, Urban Design, Preservation, Community Organizing, Web 2.0, Web Design, Wiki Design, Cape Cod Houses, Suburban History
Bio: Working to develop the plumbing under this web site as well as its usability.
Richfield, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States






In my Portal box it appears that if the article has attributes in tags ex: <div style="font-weight:bold"> it appears to break and the article will not insert. I have NO idea why this is happening: Portal:Box | Portal:Name/box | Main Portal Page

PHP and Memory

Todo List

  • Figure out and develop a way to export Data from Placeography Tours into RDF format and into a web site for mobile phones.
  • Need to create a redlink form/template to automatically as a query for an Interest.
  • research into multi-lingual aspects of building a semantic vocabulary. EXTREMELY important for this wiki, but way into the future...
  • clean up Properties remove unused.
  • Add preload extension

Half done

    • write help pages, copyright pages, etc...

Testing Stuff

Pseudonymous Minnesota

Pseudonymous Iowa

ImageLink: default image page not specified

Some text above the tab view

This will be displayed on first tab

Click here to go to the next tab...

{{Badgeboxtop}} {{Badgeboxbottom}}

Third section header

This will be always displayed under the tab view because it's below <headertabs/> tag.


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