Tribble / Igo House, 424 West Main Street, Richmond, Kentucky

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State/province: Kentucky

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The use of stone is especially distinctive in this Queen Anne style brick residence. The two-and-one-half-story irregularly-massed house rests on a raised ashlar limestone foundation and contains rusticated limestone window sills, lintels, and arches. Curved lines recur in several scales across the exterior of the Tribble/Igo House; they are present in the conical-roofed turret, a large arched window on the front, and a small stained-glass lunette on the east side. Further, a Tuscan-columned porch wraps around one side, adding to the curvilinear and asymmetrical design which is characteristic of the Queen Anne style. Decorative imbricated wood shingles cover the gable end as well as the turret, and tall chimneys pierce the slate roof.

The house was built for Mrs. James P. Tribble, Sr. (1846-1933), who lived here with her sons and daughter for a short while before returning to her country residence. Dr. and Mrs. G. G. Perry owned the house for many years, until Mr. B. M. Igo (1861-1951), Mrs. Perry’s brother, purchased it from them.


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