Town Talk Diner, 2701 East Lake Street, Minneapolis,Minnesota

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Town Talk Diner

Town Talk Diner, 1954
Town Talk Diner sign in 2007
Address: 2707 Lake Street E
Neighborhood/s: Longfellow, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Restaurant
Current Function: Restaurant

Longfellow Minneapolis Hennepin

Town Talk Diner, 2701 East Lake Street, Minneapolis,Minnesota
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Cheers Without the Beer

From 1978 to 2002 (with a short break in between), sisters Barb Link and Vicki Brever ran one of the most popular diners on Lake Street. On Saturdays, the shoebox-sized room would be packed with regulars enjoying “the usual.” They came as much for the company as for the food. People from all walks of life were welcome. For professor and plumber alike, the Town Talk was the place to go, the place where everybody knew your name and how you like your eggs.

The Food was all Homemade

Barb took the orders, and Vicki made the food. The Town Talk Diner served mostly standard breakfast and lunch fare, done well. The sausages and bacon were made to order, the eggs specially ordered from a farm in North Minnesota. Vicki skillfully flipped plate-sized, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes on the griddle. When in season, a sign in the window heralded the arrival of glazed strawberry pie. Chili and soup was always an option, as was the Town Talk Big Burger, a “gourmet Big Mac.”

Al, you’re in big trouble!

An old regular shares his favorite Town Talk Diner story, one he says “says it all” about Barb Link and the kind of place the Town Talk Diner really was.

“One of my favorite Town Talk stories was a day I was there for lunch. A gentleman came in and sat down at the counter. Barbie looked at him and said “Al, you’re in big trouble! You haven’t been in here for a long time and I’ve been worried about you. Where have you been?” And Al said, “Barb, I moved out of the neighborhood 11 years ago.” And Barb looked at him and said, “Well, do you still want your eggs over medium and your toast burned?”


Memories and stories


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