The Somali Museum of Minnesota, 1516 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

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The Somali Museum of Minnesota

Address: 1516 Lake Street Street E
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Business
Current Function: Museum

Minneapolis Hennepin

The Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum is the home of traditional Somali arts and folklore in Minnesota. Somali nomadic traditional arts are endangered due to upheaval, migration, and the increasing urbanization of Somali society, but the Somali Museum’s collection of over 700 artifacts offers hope that the tradition will continue.

As the only center dedicated to preserving and promoting Somali arts and folklore anywhere in the world, the Somali Museum is committed to providing high-quality educational programs and building community through folklore education. In addition, the Somali Museum fosters connections between community organizations, advocates, and artists, and provides resources to traditional artists, folklorists, and craftspeople in the Somali diaspora. The Somali Museum operates two central branches of arts education programming: artifact exhibits and arts learning. Through these two branches, the Somali Museum intends to foster the next generations of people appreciating and practicing Somali folk art forms.

The Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum targets youth in the Somali community who have grown up without a connection to traditional arts, and non-Somali Minnesotans encountering Somali arts for the first time. The Museum’s programs are based on building bridges between these community members and those who carry the quickly-disappearing knowledge of traditional arts.


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