Stockton House, 338 Lancaster Avenue, Richmond, Kentucky

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State/province: Kentucky

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The T-plan Stockton House on Lancaster Avenue is an excellent example of urban residential architecture built in the nineteenth century. The white painted frame structure consists of two-and-one-half stories, topped by a steeply pitched gable roof. The gable ends project slightly from the second story. A small-scale Palladian window is centered within each triangular gable area as a garret window. An earlier owner removed some gingerbread porch trim, altered the front windows, and added the porch columns; the remainder of the imposing exterior remains essentially unchanged.

Nine rooms and several room-sized halls comprise the interior of the 5,000 square-foot structure. A turned cherry staircase stands directly opposite the double entrance doors in the entrance hall, while original wall sconces and chandeliers hang throughout the house.

The original owner, Margaret Stockton, purchased the lot for eighteen dollars in 1880. The deed was recorded in the name of her husband, Robert C. Stockton, since women could not hold property at that time. A son, Edward Stockton, was the first of three pharmacists in four families who have owned the house.


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