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Add a Structure

Structure name:

Some structure have a name etched into the edifice or prominently displayed on a sign on the structure such as that found the Brooklyn Bridge or Hoover Dam. Others are commonly called a particular name from their association with a particular event or individual, such as Lenin's Tomb or the Washington Monument. If you don’t know the name, it’s okay to leave this section blank.

Structure's Address Number: (ex: 234 Main Street W.)

Number that is the first part of the street address. For example, if the structure's address is 834 Broadway Avenue North, the number is 834.

Street Name: (ex:234 Main Street)

Name of the particular street, not including the street type or suffix. For example, for 834 Broadway Avenue North, the street name is Broadway.

Street Suffix: (ex:234 Main Street)

One of a series of street types which follows the street name. In the case of 834 Broadway Avenue North, the street suffix is Avenue.

Street Directional:

Most streets, especially longer ones, have a direction, which indicates a specific area along that street. For 834 Broadway Avenue North, the directional is North. If this information is not available it is okay to leave blank.

Location of Structure:

If the structure has no address or it is unknown, write a short description of where the structure is located. Ex: "Corner of Main Street and Elm Avenue" or "On the Mississippi River, 1/4 mile south of Highway 61 and Interstate 94"


The name of the legally organized and/or incorporated city, village, suburb, or township where the property is located.


If the structure is part of a neighborhood or borough. If the site is part of more than one neighborhood (historic, imagined, etc...) please enter them using commas to separate them.


Select if it is a county or a parish (county by default).

Enter name of the county or parish. Do not add "County" or "Parish" to name.


Select the state or province.

Province other than U.S. or Canada:

Add province if structure is not located in the U.S. or Canada.


Select the country

Year built:

The year or period of years when the structure was originally constructed. Sources for this date include structure permits and property tax records.

Year razed:

Some structures have been razed (torn down or demolished). If you know when a structure was razed, please put that date here. You can sometimes get an approximate date from city directories, old photographs, permits for new structures on the same site, and newspaper articles.

Primary Architectural style:

Many structure have a recognizable architectural style, such as Victorian or Richardsonian Romanesque. If you are not sure of the style, you can leave it blank or do additional research, comparing the structure to styles in architectural guides or other structure entries.

Secondary Architectural style:

Some structures either at the time of their original construction or through additions or renovations have a secondary style.

Architect or design source:

Some structures are well known as the work of a specific architect or designer. Often people learn about an architect's role in designing a bridge or other structure from his/her name appearing on a set of plans. Other design sources include standard plans sold by mail order catalogs, magazines, newspapers.

Moved from location:

If the structure was moved to this location, what was the address or location of the old site?

Moved from location:

If the building was moved to this location, what was the address or location of the old site?

This building is a part of a larger site:

If this building is part of a larger site add the Placeography page title here.

Site Name:

Add the name of the site here.


If the builder's name (individual or company) is known, please add it.

Historic function:

What was the historic function of the structure? Select the most appropriate.

Current function:

What is the current function of the structure? Select the most appropriate.

Other Function:

Please enter type here if structure type is not found on above list.

First owner:

List the name of the first owner

Structure Image 1:

Add a picture of the structure, historic or current. The image must be uploaded to placeography.org and you must have permission to use it.

Caption for Image 1:

Describe the photo for caption 1.

Structure Image 2:

Add a picture of the structure, historic, current or of a detail or interior. The image must be uploaded to placeography.org and you must have permission to use it.

Caption for Image 2:

Describe the photo for caption 2

Additional Notes:

If you have other notes you wish to add to the info box like significant persons associated with the structure add them here.

Add a Google Map


Look up coordinates

Please enter address of the structure.

Is it listed with the National Registration of Historic Places? Add a data here.

Enter general introduction and structure history here

Structure Summary/Intro:

Write an introduction to the structure or if the history is short, put it here.

Structure Content:

Expand on the history of the structure here.

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