South A Mill and Warehouse No. 1

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South A Mill and Warehouse No. 1

Address: 335 Main Street SE
Neighborhood/s: Marcy-Holmes, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Saint Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Saint Anthony Falls Historic District, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Manufacturing facility
Part of the Site: Pillsbury A Mill

Marcy-Holmes, Saint Anthony Falls, Saint Anthony Falls Historic District Minneapolis Hennepin

This component of the Pillsbury complex consists of a nine-story mill building and a long, narrow, three-story warehouse that edges Main Street SE, buildings erected between 1914 and 1917. Both buildings are of reinforced concrete, column-and-beam construction.

The taller portion, the mill, has exterior walls of gray brick, while a lightercolored buff brick clads the lower warehouse wing. Piers rise through the walls of both wings and pier-to-pier openings were originally filled with industrial steel sash.

A loading platform, sheltered by a sheet-metal canopy, was added to the Main Street SE façade at an early date four-feet above grade to serve rail cars (HABS 1987 No. MN-29-5G).


The South “A” Mill and Warehouse No. 1, erected during Pillsbury’s Modernization Era,and added milling and storage capacity to the complex. The mill and warehouse represent industrial buildings of their type and era, but do not appear to have outstanding features that confer significance beyond their association with the Pillsbury complex.

These buildings represent the modernization period and as part of the complex have significance under Criterion A.

Character-Defining Features

The character-defining features of the South “A” Mill and Warehouse No. 1 include its overall form and massing; reinforced-concrete and brick exterior; regular fenestration pattern; and loading platform and canopy along the Main Street SE façade of Warehouse No.1.



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