Sons of Norway Building, 1455 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Sons of Norway Building

Address: 1455 Lake Street W
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1962
Primary Style: Modern
Historic Function: Business
Historic Function: Bank/Financial Institution
Other Historic Function: Bank/Financial Institution
Current Function: Business
Architect or source of design: Roy Thorsov
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Concrete
First Owner: Sons of Norway

Minneapolis Hennepin

The Sons of Norway Building at 1455 West Lake street was the third building the organization occupied and the first building specifically designed and built for them by Minnesota architects and building contractors of Norwegian heritage. An article from the Minneapolis Star written in 1960 described the architectural drawings showing two separate buildings joined by a glassed in corridor. A courtyard with a garden was to be between the two buildings. The main building was 4 stories. A new innovation, a three lane drive-in for the Fifth Northwestern National bank's "motorized bank" was placed under the auditorium.

Designed by architects Roy Thorsov and Willard Thorsen, the primary building materials were recessed concrete panels dyed black with an external layer of black granite aggregate. In sunlight, the black granite had a subtle sparkling effect. Adolfson and Peterson where the general contractor. Construction started with a groundbreaking on Jan 21, 1961 and was completed in February 1962. Open houses were held for the community in April and the building was dedicated in August. In August 2017 Ryan companies announced that they had acquired the building and an adjacent surface parking lot and would demolish the former Sons of Norway building and replace it with apartments.

Floor Plan

The Sons of Norway buildings included:
Eric the Red Room
Board of Directors Room
Auditorium/Dining Room
Norse Lodge Room
Leif Erickson Lounge
A Library
Recreation area
A "Machine" room with IBM "accounting" machinery and a multi-lith and stock press.

3 flags were always to be flown outside:

First Tenants

Sons of Norway
Fifth Northwestern National Bank
Langfus Pharmacy
Connecticut General Life Insurance Co.
Executive Secretarial Service
House of Travel
Dr. Georger Marskey
Dr. Lawrence W. McIver
Drs. Lowe and Guetzke (dentists)
Dr. Paul Hiller (dentist)
Nicolas Agency

Attorney Charles Tatsuda


Memories and stories

Photo Gallery

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