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Minneapolis Skyway system

Location of Structure: The skyways connect 80 blocks of downtown Minneapolis into a unique "indoor continuum".
Neighborhood/s: Downtown, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1962-2008
Current Function of Structure: Bridge

Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota Hennepin

A skyway is an enclosed bridge at the second floor level between two buildings. A skyway system includes arcades and promenades between skyway connection points, so the circulation of traffic throughout the system is continuous and complete. In 1962 the first Minneapolis skyway was built across Marquette Ave. from the NorthStar Center...this was taken down eventually. Another was added going south from the NorthStar Center to the Baker Block the same year. The second skyway is still in use as the oldest in the system. Currently over 70 skyways connect 80 blocks of the main business district of Minneapolis in a unique

pedestrian environment that sees tens of thousands of users a day throughout the year.



Skyways are not very popular among students of urban life these days because they reputedly suck the life out of the street. It is a debatable point. In fact there is a remarakable vitality to the skyway level in Minneapolis. Its extreme points carry commuters from peripheral parking facilities in the morning and late afternoon. Its central paths carry tens of thousands of shoppers and office workers through a galaxy of commercial, retail and service groups...cresting at lunchtime when groups of office mates throng the carpeted and climate-controlled pathways.

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