Selby Tunnel, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Selby Tunnel

View of tunnel from Selby looking east
Address: Selby Avenue
Location of Structure: College Ave. (just before 35E ramp)
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota

Saint Paul Ramsey County

Selby Tunnel, Saint Paul, Minnesota
(44.946697911654,-93.106191158295warning.png"44.946697911654.-93.106191158295" is not a number. )
Built for streetcars early this century; closed since the 1950s.



Riding the Selby-Lake streetcar

The Selby Ave. tunnel started just short of the corner of Nina Street. It was a short, dark ride to the end where it emerged at College Ave., near Pleasant, which is now the Pleasant Avenue Corridor. Teenage boys would sometimes dislodge the cable, which left the car without power. It was usually quickly fixed by the two-man crew that operated the car -- the motorman, and the conductor who collected the fare from those entering the rear door. In the 1940s, it was ten cents a ride -- or cheaper if you bought prepaid 'tokens'. A sidewalk on the west side of the tunnel, and a boardwalk on the east are long gone. The boardwalk is now a concrete walkway and there are only remnants of the sidewalk on the west. There used to be a building there, maybe a small duplex, and hence the sidewalk. Pleasant and Kellogg was quite a busy intersection. There were two gas stations, Sime Painting Company, and a car dealership. Seven Corners was straight ahead. I would love to take that ride again.


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