Schatzlein's Saddle Shop, 413 W Lake St, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Schatzlein's Saddle Shop

Schatzlein's Saddle Shop, sign, 2007
Schatzlein's parking lot, 2007
Address: 413 Lake Street W
Neighborhood/s: Lyndale, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Business
Current Function: Business

Lyndale Minneapolis Hennepin

Schatzlein's Saddle Shop, 413 W Lake St, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(44.948369,-93.28447warning.png"44.948369.-93.28447" is not a number. )

Emil Schatzlein opened his shop in 1907 - before streetcars, before paved streets- when virtually all land south of Lake Street was farmed.


Memories and stories


Farmers would plow, and if anything broke, they either, my grandfather would send one of his workers out to fix the harness when it was on the horse. Or the farmers would bring the whole team to the back of the store and he’d fix it right there. That’s how close the fields were.

Linda, one of Emil’'s six grandchildren that now own the shop


"I have so many memories of Schatzlein's. I am bringing my son to shop at the store this fall for school clothes.

I always wanted a horse when I was young. A friend had a horse with some issues and I saved babysitting money to pay for an operation for the horse (Shadrack). Schatzlein's let me put a lovely Argentine, used, Forward Hunt Seat saddle, Snaffle Bridle, and black Malbourogh riding boots on layaway. I had years of pleasure riding Shadrack and living my dream of owning a horse thanks to their willingness to let me pay a bit at a time at age 14.

I hope that they have another 100 years and continue helping more city folk experience the joy that a quality saddle shop can bring just by walking through the door."

Quoting Susan from CorAzoN on Lake & West River Parkway, who shared this memory with us

-Chris Oien, Lake Street Council


I went into Schatzlein's in the summer of 2003 to just look around. Immediately I spotted a glorious red cowboy shirt with gold musical notes sewn into the shoulders. I was tempted to buy it immediately, but put off doing so for almost a week, until I couldn't resist. Along with it I bought a large white ten-gallon hat and brown cowboy boots. Within six months I had taught myself how to twirl a pistol and yodel, and by the following Christmas I had developed a singing cowboy act that I debuted at the Blue Barn Theatre in Omaha, Neb. A lesson that just wandering into a business on Lake Street can transform your life.

-Max Sparber, Minneapolis


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