Scandia Post Office (Copas) 16396 199th Street, Scandia Minnesota

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Copas Railroad Station & Martin Nelson’s Harness Shop

Address: 199th Street
Neighborhood/s: Copas, Scandia, Minnesota
Scandia, Minnesota
Washington County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1886
Year razed: 1963
Historic Function: Post office
Historic Function: Railroad Station, Harness Shop
First Owner: Martin Nelson

Copas Scandia Washington County

Scandia Post Office (Copas) 16396 199th Street, Scandia Minnesota
(45.235531, -92.769987Latitude: 45°14′7.912″N
Longitude: 92°46′11.953″W

During the 1850’s immigrants would disembark from steamboats at a place called Loghouse Landing. Communities called Vasa, Otisville & Copas were found near this site. None of these towns became permanent communities.

Copas once had a train station that had daily runs to St Paul. Mail was dropped at the train station. The mailman arrived by car to pickup mailbags & passengers. The postmaster, Adin Holcomb, also known as “Lucky”. gave the passengers a free taxi service to Scandia. The post office was moved to Martin Nelson’s Harness Shop. The building was used as a shoe repair & living house & later a private residence. It was razed & sold for lumber in 1963.



Nature has taken over the site of Copas. A blueprint of Copas still exists & is displayed at the site which in now part of William O’Brien State Park.

Memories and stories


I would visit my grandparents on the St Croix River in the summer in the early 1960’s. Every day my grandfather would catch the morning train at the Copas station to go to work in St Paul. At about 3:30 we would go to the station to pick him up. I remember the mailbag being picked up & dropped off at this time. ~Lisa Schlingerman~


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Enquist, Anna. Scandia – Then and Now. Washington County Historical Society, 2007

Historical research by Lisa Schlingerman

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