Rustic Cottage, Berea College, Off Chestnut Street, Berea, Kentucky

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Rustic Cottage

Address: Berea College
Berea, Kentucky
Madison County, Kentucky
State/province: Kentucky
Country: United States
Year razed: 2008

Berea Madison County

Situated among a grove of native hardwoods, Rustic Cottage provides a unique contrast with the larger brick buildings which surround it/ Unrefined tree timbers on both levels of a two-story porch echo the surrounding shade trees. The second level of the porch is covered by a central gable that projects from the gable roof. Small brackets on the gable ends support the wide overhangs.

This frame structure was initially an administration building, then a weaving shop. Today, it houses Students for Appalachia, Upward Bound, and the Personnel Training Office.


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