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The Dayton’s Bluff District Four Community Council is a citizen’s organization designed to encourage participation in and awareness of the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood.

Some of the main goals the Dayton’s Bluff District Four Community Council are to achieve and to maintain proper housing and education, attractive and plentiful public green space such as neighborhood parks and gardens, a healthy and diverse business community, and good recreational and artistic opportunities for neighborhood residents.

Featured Place

Warren Burger Childhood Home
695 Conway Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota

This is the childhood home of former US Chief Justice, Warren Earl Burger from 1914 to 1933. He lived here with parents (Charles) Joseph and Katharine Burger.
This modest 1 1/2 story cottage was built in 1884 for the cost of $2,000.


Dayton's Bluff Hall of Fame Project

We all know about the sports halls of fame which occasionally become controversial when selection time comes around. Minnesota has its own Hockey Hall of Fame on the Iron Range to celebrate famous professional pucksters and hopefully to convince tourists to visit Eveleth.

So why not a Dayton’s Bluff Hall of Fame? Sounds easy at first glance, but there are some things to consider. On what basis should people be included? We certainly have some important people who once lived here. But should they be voted in if they left when they were young and became famous somewhere else?

This project is an attempt to log the Dayton’s Bluffers of note and the homes they lived in.


Dayton's Bluff Walking Tour

Dayton's Bluff was named after Lyman Dayton, a 19th century land speculator. Along with his investments in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Dayton purchased over 5,000 acres of land just east of the small settlement of St. Paul in 1849. The majority of this land was located on the bluff which now bears his name - Dayton's Bluff. Other places named after Lyman include Dayton Avenue in St. Paul and the town of Dayton, Minnesota. Maria Bates Dayton, Lyman's wife, is also remembered in the naming of such places as Maria Avenue, Bates Avenue, and the Bates Avenue Triangle Park, named in her memory by her son in 1910. The Lyman Dayton family is no relation to the Dayton family that started the Dayton Department stores.

Enjoy some of the sites in the Dayton's Bluff area by taking your own personal walking tour.

Organization Info

Dayton's Bluff District Council
Mailing Address: 798 East Seventh Street
Building address: 798 East Seventh Street
Neighborhood/s: Dayton's Bluff, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Zip: 55106
Country: United States
Web site: http://www.daytonsbluff.org
E-mail: karin@daytonsbluff.org
Phone: 651-772-2075
Contact: Karin DuPaul , Community Organizer
Hours: Office hours: Monday - Friday from 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.


A Driving Tour of Historic Dayton's Bluff

Despite some of the changes inevitable in the urban environment over time, the heart of the neighborhood remains intact. Sometimes hidden under "home improvements," the character of its homes and storefronts remain, providing the essential building blocks of a historically and architecturally rich environment. Although much of the scenic variety has been modified, the view from the bluff remains spectacular. Because of these assets Dayton's Bluff is now experiencing a renaissance. Private investment has provided not only many renovated homes, but also enthusiastic homeowners determined to make Dayton's Bluff a premier place to live.

The following driving tour of Dayton's Bluff provides a guide to some of the area's most important sites. Each site of interest is followed by a brief description which provides architectural and/or historical information about the property.

We hope you enjoy your tour of our architectural past and join in our vision for the future.

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Places listed

List of properties within the Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood

Historic District Properties

List of properties within the Dayton's Bluff Historic District:

National Register Historic Properties

List of properties within the Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places:
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