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Saint Anthony Falls Historic District, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The historic designation of the St. Anthony Falls Historic District focuses on the urbanization of the Falls with a period of significance between 1858 and 1941. This time frame celebrates the role of the Falls in the development of Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city, in all its stages of growth. The natural beauty of the Falls was a wilderness landmark, attractive to both tourists and settlers. The Falls furnished direct power to the lumber and flour industries which stimulated the development of the new city. Finally, the Falls provided electrical power for industrial and residential use. Other sites, including the Falls itself and many other sites in the area which are associated with other time periods outside of the span from 1858 to 1941, also are culturally significant. Among these are cultural and spiritual sites significant to the Dakota and Ojibwa people, which predate 1858. The use and interaction with the Falls has evolved over the past centuries of human interaction and will continue to evolve over the centuries to come.

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