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930 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Minnesota Woman, Suffrage Association (MWSA) was founded in Hastings, Minnesota, in 1881. The establishment of this group marked the beginning of a united effort to gain equal suffrage for women in Minnesota. Prior to this time, suffrage was an issue that had met with only sporadic success in Minnesota. Several special laws and an amendment to the state constitution had been passed that permitted women to vote for designated local candidates and issues. This early legislation was enacted in spite of the absence of a systematic organizational effort to promote the suffrage movement on both the state and national levels. The Hennepin County headquarters of the Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association was 930 Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. By 1919 they had moved to Meyer's Arcade on 10th and Nicollet where their office was just down the hall from an organization opposed to Women's suffrage. The Anthony Amendment to grant women the right to vote, was passed by Congress in June, 1919. The Minnesota State Legislature ratified it at a special session held on September 8, 1919

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