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2320 Colfax Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Orth House, at 2320 Colfax Avenue South, is Healy's turning-point house in his transition from designing and building the romantic Queen Annes of the Healy Block and the North Wedge, to the more classically inspired designs on the 2400 block of Bryant Avenue South and his houses on Lowry Hill. Healy's career is divided in two--before 1893 and after 1893. There was an economic crash in 1893 similar to what we experienced in 2008, only more severe. The Chicago World's Fair of 1893 with its centerpiece, the White City, profoundly changed American architecture. It finished off the Queen Anne Style that Healy was so adept at and introduced both the Neo-Classical and the Colonial Revival styles. Healy built only two houses in 1893--2320 Colfax Ave So and 821 Douglas Ave. Developer Paul Klodt demolished 821 Douglas Ave. for an apartment building in 1981. The Orth House, 2320 Colfax Ave So. was Healy's first building modifying his Queen Anne Style with many Colonial Revival features. This is a very important house in Healy's career, his turning point house. May is Preservation Month! Add your favorite "Place That Matters" to Placeography!

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