Palazzo dei Priori, Piazza IV novembre, Perugia, Italia

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Palazzo dei Priori

Address: 1 IV Novembre Square SE
Perugia, Umbria
State/province: Umbria
Country: Italy
Year built: 1200
Primary Style: Italianate
Historic Function: City hall/town hall/
Current Function: Museum
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Stone
Material of Roof: Terra Cotta
Material of Foundation: Stone


Palazzo dei Priori, Piazza IV novembre, Perugia, Italia
(43.111855038556° N, 12.388522624969° ELatitude: 43°6′42.678″N
Longitude: 12°23′18.681″E

Palazzo dei Priori

The palace was designed by Maestro Riccardo in 1239 as the inscription near the main entrance attests. The three-storey façade adorned with trilobed, double arched windows and the Della Robbia glazed terracotta coats of arms of the Florentine magistrates (15th-16th centuries) also bears the canna volterrana, the medieval standard measurement of the commune, engraved between the banner and torch holders. The two Marzocco lions, a symbol of Florence were added in 1472 when the palazzo became the seat of the Captain of Justice. The pentagonal shaped tower is not completely original for the top half was rebuilt after the last earthquake in 1846 by the architect Mazzei who also embellished other buildings in the main square. The entrance decorated with coats of arms leads to the stairway and a fresco of the Crucifixiion with saints by Pier Francesco Fiorentino who also painted the Crucifixion in the mayor’s antechamber. The Virgin with child has been attributed to Raffaellino del Garbo. The magnificent Council Hall with a cross vaulted ceiling exhibits the fresco of The Annunciation and four saints, Cosmas, Damian, Giusto and Ottaviano, painted by Jacopo di Cione and Nicolò di Pietro Gerini. While the fresco was being transferred onto canvas, the sinopia now displayed in the antechamber, were discovered. On the right wall, The Marriage Feast at Cana, a large canvas painted by Donato Mascagni in the 16th century. In the antechamber, the Sala della Giunta, wood panel of Persius Flaccus by Cosimo Daddi, a fresco tranferred to canvas of S, Girolomo, two small canvas paintings by Giandomenico Ferretti (18th century) depicting The Adoration of the Magi, Birth of the Virgin by Ignazio Hugford and a canvas of Giobe by Donato Mascagni.


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